Ethical Norms Of The United Convention

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Most of us know that ethics are the norms that determine between right and wrong. We learn these norms from the day we born and we use them on a daily basis. Ethical norms start from families, kindergarden, school, and work. They are different in religions, in cultures, in societies, and in different countries, but in their roots, they are the same. The laws copied from ethics are natural laws. During war we kill and torture people which is considered to be unethical but, there are some issues that we accept things which we don’t have to. War has always been and will continue to be a necessary action executed by human beings. There are many reasons for wars such as territorial issues, religion factors, and ethnic factors. And when the disagreements between two parties cannot be solved in a peaceful way, the war is the last option to be conducted. For this reason, the Geneva Convention sets international standards and laws which are a protection for humanity in other circumstances. “Professionals are guided by their ethics: the set of principles by which they practice, in the right way, on behalf of those they serve - demonstrating their characters” (General Raymond T. Odierno 2014). The importance of military ethics in 21st century is very valuable. In order to find out the importance, moral within ethics, ethical challenges and ethical categories with examples will be discussed. In the profession of arms, rules and regulations are the key requirements for action. Soldiers

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