Why Middle Easters Hate America Essay

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The attacks on 9/11 have perpetuated a cycle of oppression that affects several nations and is both a domestic and international conflict. “War cannot be used as a means to prevent or abolish war.” (Ehrenreich 600). The opposite is what ideological groups but especially nations of power come to see as cold reality, as an ultimatum. Their only resort to achieving peace is violence. Hundreds of thousands of troops are deployed to western Asia and “since World War II, 90 percent of the casualties of war have been unarmed civilians, a 1/3 of them children.” (Wasfi, Socialism 2007 Conference). This is why Middle Easterners hate America. “They don’t hate us because of our freedom. They hate us because every day we are funding and committing crimes against humanity.” (Wasfi, Socialism 2007 Conference). The crimes against humanity …show more content…

However, many of those regimes were supplied and funded by the West in the first place. Occupation is not to make welfare accessible to the public. It is taking the resources they are currently lacking. As a result, the same civilians the West is supposed to be “protecting” they are the same ones forced to join regimes, often not because of shared ideological beliefs but out of the need for survival. For providing themselves and their family more water, better food, decent shelter (Where in the World is Osama?). America had promised to rebuild several schools in the Middle East blown apart by explosives. Years later, rubble still remains and more schools are still being blown up (Where in the World is Osama?). This is the reality of war. War is not clean cut or binary. It is dirty and and slaughter. It is cyclical and multifaceted. The carnage is a cost of war. Ethics should not be lost or sacrificed as war continues. This is in regards to the countless lives lost due to war. How many lives will be lost in order to achieve

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