Ethical Problems of Gambling

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Ethical Problems of Gambling

An addiction to gambling can be as alcoholism and drug addiction.

Gambling is a chronic though gradual condition that occurs when an individual is unable to

control the impulse to participate in gambling,‭ ‬regardless of the impact that it may have on one‭’‬s life.

The disorder frequently leads to stress,‭ ‬extensive debt,‭ ‬a gradually worsened gambling problem especially if the procedure is left untreated.

Although gambling has a clear financial effect,‭ ‬it is fundamentally an emotional issue.

The precise cause of gambling addiction is unknown,‭ ‬but both the environment and genetics has a major contribution factor.

Gambling traits are often similar to the symptoms of substance abuse. …show more content…

They are more involved with events and activities,‭ ‬and have now become role models to kids and adults.

Especially the ones that are seeking professional help for the same addiction.

That is where respect and trust‭ ‬begins with everyone.

I can relate to this topic.‭

I have never really gambled,‭ ‬but my entire family were once

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