Ethics Vs Bananas

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Ethics vs. Bananas

In source one, the graph shows the value of a banana sold in the UK and how the total is split between the different hands involved. Although this source is very factual is has a deeper meaning than just numbers. The banana is one of the cheapest fruit sold in supermarkets, even though they come from thousands of kilometers away. The way our world has made transportation so fast, cheap, and available allows these banana’s to sit on our shelves. The transportation of the fruit has the highest value at four pence where the total value is twelve pence. The sale of the bananas at such a low cost is due to cheap transportation, the supply of the fruit being higher than the demand, and the low wages of the workers. The force of global transportation has made goods and services like banana’s more readily available.
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The multinational corporations take advantage of economies of scale by producing, transporting, and selling the fruit in bulk. Where small farmers are unable to compete with the multinationals prices because they don’t have the resources and they pay their workers a fairer wage. The European government signed a tariff policy that didn’t tax their former colony, the Caribbean. When the multinationals heard they challenged it by taking it to the W.T.O. The World Trade Organization ruled that a country cannot impose a tariff policy on one member country and not another. The political power of our world stopped the small banana farmers in the Caribbean from making a higher profit. When the multinational corporations went to the World Trade Organization they were taking advantage over their political strength to get the higher
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