Ethiopi A Of Ecological And Climatic Condition Essay

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Ethiopia is endowed with variety of ecological and climatic condition. It is also home to some of the most diverse flora and fauna in Africa. This makes the country to lead in honey and beeswax production in Africa though major of its production is traditional (, 2009).
Honey value chain played a significant role in the economy of the country by engaging around two million farm households. It also engaged different actors participated in different value adding activities which enables them to higher the price of the product and increases the bargaining power.
Finance service/Credit is an important instrument to improve the welfare of the poor through enhancing their productive capacity (Okurut et al., 2004) and it also motivates them to participate in further value adding activities rather than directly sell it in order to meet their current financial need. Though it is crucial to small scale producers to participate in value adding activities, in Ethiopia its supply for improved apiculture is limited (ILRI, 2011).
In a given value chain, loans and credits may flow by either when the financing institution finance one end of the value chain, which then channels funds to the other links or they can finance value chain partners directly.
This study identifies different actors participating in honey value of the Damot Gale District and their activities. It also identifies the sources of finances for bee keepers, and opportunities and challenges of the chain and its’

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