Ethnicity, Sexuality, And Globalization : Ethnicity, Sexuality And Globalization

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The texts that are going to be discussed and compared in this short essay are ‘Ethnicity, Sexuality and Globalization’ by Joanne Nagel and ‘Not So Strange bedfellows: Sexuality and International Development’ by Susie Jolly. These texts have been chosen because of their thought-provoking and informative content and the ways in which they both discuss the restrictive and controversial nature of sexuality in the heteronormative world, sexuality in regards to sex work, and the ways in which they focus on sexuality itself as well as women’s sexuality globally.

Nagel’s text discussing the driving factors behind international perceptions of sexuality offers an insight into how sexuality is viewed and understood globally. She discusses how culture, country of origin, ancestry, language, religion, and ethnicity/race play a crucial role in the perception of individual sexuality and its reception by its audience. Joanne Nagel writes about the ways in which heterosexuality is still very much the norm in ethno sexual spaces and the impact that heteronormativity has on members of different races, ethnic groups and nations. Nagel then goes on to highlight how racial and ethnic boundaries play a role in how the sexuality of peoples belonging to specific ethnic, racial and cultural groups are received by members of other ethnic, cultural and racial groups. She explains how these boundaries help create a narrative of ‘us vs them’, ‘pure vs impure’ ‘wrong vs right’, where differences such as

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