Europe 's Age Of Exploration

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Europe’s “age of exploration” was based on external forces because the Muslims “motivated” the Europeans to be economically, religiously, and politically superior. Europeans began to acquire the land just like the Muslims began to invade them. The Muslims were invading Spain, France, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. During the 14th-20th century the Ottoman Empire conquered the Balkans and all the cities around it. The Ottoman Empire became the largest and most dominant empire of the world.

One of the main goals for the Europeans is to conquer a lot of land. In 1494, the Europeans establish their first settlement in the West, Hispaniola. He conquered a land that had riches and was a fertile land that would increase their
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Benjamin highlights is idea how the 16th century priest Jose Acosta believed that the conquest and discovery of the New World was guided by God to save the natives.

The only way for Europeans to justify their conquests and treatment of native was through religion. They said that the age of exploration was a usefully way to convert many people and save them from hell. This was an excuse to become one of the richest and most powerful empires of the World. The two politically powerful groups of Europe were Spain and Portugal. They were very developed and they sent money to the catholic church for the most part of the exploration age. Europe’s age of exploration was highly successful and they became one of the most important and influential country’s in the world.

1. Which group suffered most from European colonization of the Western hemisphere, Native Americans or Africans brought as slaves?

African slaves suffered more than the natives during the European colonization because they were submitted under European power for a greater period of time. Although the native people were slaves in the initial stages of the European exploration, they weren’t slaves for a long time as Africans were. Europeans often had a hard time maintaining Indians alive after they introduced the disease. Native populations lacked immunity so they would often die in captivity
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