European Colonization In Europeans

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Essay #1: Christopher Columbus had been sailing for years learning the different patterns of the ocean, the way the wind moved and the current of the ocean. Christopher had thought that finding a shorter route to Asia would help the trade in European colonization’s. He began to seek for financial support and eventually he set sailed. In Europe, they believed that trade was how to make them wealthier, and to gain power in their nations. When Europe and Asia traded goods, there was other countries in the way blocking direct trade between them. This wasn’t the only reason why Europeans began exploring, a period of time the Europeans lived through the renaissances. They wanted to know how the world worked and what was out there. When the Europeans arrived in the “new world” they all tried to colonize it differently. “The French worked out a complex series of military, commercial, and diplomatic connections, the most enduring alliances between Indians and settlers in colonial North America. They neither appropriated substantial amounts of Indian land, like the English, nor conquered native inhabit­ ants militarily and set them to forced labor, like the Spanish.” (Foner, 32) In the quote above it shows how when the Europeans came to the “new land” they wanted to control the Indians as if they were there first, they didn’t care about the Indians. The Spanish Europeans treated the Indians as if they were their slaves and had them do labor for them. They made them mine for gold and

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