Essay on European Nationalism Case Study---Catalan

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European Nationalism Case Study---Catalan During the development of Europe, Nationalism played an important role. Initially, in the 19th century, a wave of nationalism swept the whole continent of Europe from romantic nationalism to a variety of European countries .Subsequently, there were some new countries in the different ways to initialize their movement on nationalism, such as “the Romantic exaltation of "feeling" and "identity" and the Liberal requirement that a legitimate state be based on a "people" rather than, for example, a dynasty, God, or imperial domination.”(Paul Halsall, 1998). Since then, the concept of “nationalism” ascended to the historical stage. In this essay, the main research will be focused on the Catalan …show more content…

Eventually, in the early 20th century, as a result of promotion to the movement by some clandestine political leaders, “the first modern political party in Catalonia, Lliga Regionalista, was founded .Later, it formed an alliance with other Catalanist forces later, grouped in the so-called Solidaritat Catalana, and won the elections with the regionalist program that Enric Prat de la Riba had formulated in his manifesto La nacionalitat Catalana (1906).”(Daniele, 1997). Over all, essentially, this movement tremendously promoted the autonomy and independency for Catalonia. In conclusion, Catalan Nationalist movement is regarded as a movement of nationalism in nations without states. ”Crucial to the development of nationalism in nations without states is the existence and position occupied by the potential elite” (Guibernau, 2000) .During the whole Catalanism movement and development of Catalonia, it is obviously that intellectuals play an essential role in provoking this progress, especially in the maintenance of the Catalan language and culture. Initially, in the result of long-year repression by Catalans, there was a wide gap between intellectual elites and the masses, which threatened the survival of the Catalan language and culture but gradually through three main phenomena, which are the Nova Canco, the Assembly of Catalonia and the proliferation of ‘solidarity actions’, this individual elite movement into a mass

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