Euthanasi Murder Or Mercy?

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Euthanasia:Murder or Mercy? Imagine having to witness a family member suffer through many years of pain and not being able to do anything about it. This,however, can be resolved through euthanasia. Euthanasia is an intentional act that involves a doctor or physician ending a patient 's life so that the patient may stop suffering from a harmful disease (Nordqvist 2016). It is a solution in which doctors can help patients with terminal diseases, such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, to end their suffering because they do not want the patients to live a life in which they have to endure such pain and agony. 87% of the people believe and support the fact that euthanasia is beneficial for those with terminally ill diseases (“Euthanasia Statistics” …show more content…

How exactly in this situation is “Do no harm,” being interpreted here? Is letting a patient who has a terminal disease, continue to live their life full of pain and suffering, not causing harm to the patient? Rather, the patient could end their suffering through a painless death (Torrey 2016). It is the doctor 's job to make sure that their patient is living a life with happiness and hope rather than suffer and all their thoughts of hope vanishing (Andersen 2014). A doctor named Philip Nitschke said “ Over time the Hippocratic Oath has been changed on number of occasions…. References to women not studying medicine and doctors not breaking the skin have been deleted” (“Top 10….” 2013). The oath has been changed in order to fit today 's society (“History Hippocratic”). Doctors break the Hippocratic Oath by letting their patients continue to live a life of pain, by doing so, they are doing more harm than good because a patient is living in immense suffering, when the doctor could ease the patients suffering (Andersen 2014).
One opposition of euthanasia comes back to the Hippocratic Oath being broken, especially on the “Do no harm,”part. The anti-euthanasia activist view doctors killing their patients to end their suffering as worsening the patient’s conditions rather than help. Many believe that doctors tend to make many mistakes and are killing their patients through their mistakes. People feel killing the patient is doing more than just

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