Euthanasi Should It Be Legalized?

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Lakmi Kulathunga
Professor Sarah Azzara
WRT 102
14 September 2015
Euthanasia, Should it be Legalized?

Euthanasia, which is commonly known by many other terms such as assisted suicide or mercy killing, is the act of taking away the life of a human or an animal in order to relieve him/ her/it from severe pain and suffering, or letting him/her/it die without taking any action to prevent the death. The word euthanasia comes from the two Greek words: “eu” – good and “Thanatos”- death (Helga Kuhse, 40) which basically mean “a good death.” Is euthanasia a form of murder? This has been a debated topic for several decades discussed all around the world. While it is illegal in most parts of the world, a few countries accept it. Countries like the …show more content…

Euthanasia is often confused with assisted suicide. Even though assisted suicide is used as another term for euthanasia, they are very distinct actions commonly misunderstood. In assisted suicide the physician intentionally gives either information or means or both required to commit suicide. This includes discussing about lethal doses of drugs, prescribing these drugs, and supplying the drugs. But euthanasia, is carried out by the complete administration of the doctor. The physician can either inject the lethal drug or remove life support and it is carried out only under the consent of the patient. There are various types of euthanasia categorized according to different sets of rights and wrongs. The first category is active and passive euthanasia, which divides euthanasia into two forms according to the way how it is carried out. When a person (physician) is deliberate and directly terminates the life of a person, for example, giving an overdose of painkillers it is called active euthanasia. This is also called as euthanasia by action. Passive euthanasia is carried out when treatments are withdrawn or withheld. Not carrying out a surgery or switching off life support equipment or quitting medication are considered as passive euthanasia or euthanasia by omission (BBC). According to euthanasia can be divided

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