Euthanasia Argumentative Analysis

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In regards to the end of life of patients, discrepancies as to how the end of life of individuals should be fulfilled arise. For instance, those who favor active euthanasia argue that euthanasia does not shorten life. In recent studies, " a dutch report found that in eighty - six percent of cases, euthanasia shortened life by a max of a week or a few hours" (Morris, 2013). The difference between life expectancies was not substantial and removed the agonizing pain from the patient. Additional arguments are that euthanasia makes sense economically. It has been found that " end of life care is extremely expensive, costing a single individual an estimated cost of $39,000" (Morris, 2013). An abundance of money could have been saved if the patient's …show more content…

The ultimate goal from all sources in support of euthanasia is to ensure the patients has " a comfortable and peaceful environment in which death occurs" (Lonnquist & Weiss, 2012). However, some differences occur, as there are more stipulation before the approval of euthanasia found in the text, such as " a written witnessed request is provided and two physicians agree that death is appropriate" (Lonnquist & Weiss, 2012). In addition, the arguments opposing euthanasia correlate with one another, both in the text and outside of the text. For instance, all sources suggest that " suicide will begin to become acceptable in society, and a physician's willingness to participate may be interpreted by the patient that society would prefer that suicide occur. In contrast to the other references, the in text sources, reflect upon other measures that can be taken to minimize the pain felt, aside from death such as hospice.

3. Should the United States adopt the Dutch policy? What would be the social ramifications of adopting this policy?

I do not believe that the United Staes should adopt the dutch policy. The social ramifications of adopting such a policy would be too severe. The implementation of the policy would cross religious and moral issues, and incorporate more discrepancies in the medical field.Examples of these discrepancies include accusations against the physician, and accusations

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