Euthanasia Essay - Pro Euthanasia Argumentative Essay

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Imani Henry
Mr. Dowie
Honors English 9
Pro Euthanasia Argumentative Essay
Euthanasia is the act of intentionally killing someone to end suffering, with and without their consent. This practice has been around since the beginning of time and has been practiced by different cultures all over the world. In the United States currently, only 5 states allow the option of euthanasia. All states throughout the USA should allow the act of euthanasia. Considering it is within the 1st amendment due to it being a choice, which is a way people express themselves, it is unfair and unlawful for it not to be given. Banning the act is overall doing more harm than good. If you were a citizen suffering from a terminal illness, undergoing all the …show more content…

Arguably, if most people were diagnosed with a terminal illness, they would rather end their suffering than trying to find the strength to try and survive another day, attempting to get better, even though no matter what they’re going to die in the end. According to the health research funding organization, “When asked if those who are terminally ill or on life support should have the right to choose euthanasia, 86% of the general public agree that euthanasia should be an option.” Doctors won’t give this option to individuals who wouldn’t benefit from this act, or if it wasn’t necessary. They also don’t carry out the procedure without the patient or patient’s family’s consent. If a personal choice like this is made by someone that only affects them overall, as an outsider there is no reason to worry/be upset by another’s opinion and decision, as it won’t affect or change anything for your life. You have to learn to respect other’s conclusions. People have the right of choice and expression, and not being able to choose an option like this is an invasion of their first amendment right and is blatantly unfair. Euthanasia is a personal, painless and peaceful decision given to terminally ill patients to end their pain and suffrage based on the logic and intensity of their situation and given that they are going to die in the end anyways.

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