Euthanasia Essay

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Euthanasia is a highly emotive issue, which is habitually avoided contemplation because it deals with unsettling issues people often choose to disregard. It is exceptionally difficult for people to converse about grave illness and its implications, which is undoubtedly why so many people are left unaware of why this issue is so significant. The increasing number of grave diseases emphasises the magnitude of this issue. 1 out of 5 people have or will develop cancer in this modern age. According to this statistic, 6 people in this class alone will form some type of cancer in the future and all of us are likely to be indirectly affected by the disease. It is an alarming statistic and one …show more content…

We believe that euthanasia is not a bad thing and cannot be described as such; it is purely the act of allowing someone a dignified death rather than forcing them to live unnaturally or against their will.

Many people say that Euthanasia is never the right option, because there's always a small possibility of a miracle recovery. Euthanasia is always the last option, if there is any chance a person may recover to lead a normal life of course it isn't the suitable choice. However we argue that in the case of someone having no prospect of recovery, and wanting to be allowed a dignified and legitimate death it is important that they're wishes are respected. We agree that it is not in our place to say who has the right to live or die, but it is in each individual's right. We believe in the basic principle of the autonomy of the individual, who is deemed to possess an absolute right to dispose of his or her own life. Everyone should be allowed to decide their own future, and if Euthanasia is someone's decision who are the courts to rule against it?

Britain is an animal loving country and where pets are concerned, we are most compassionate. If our pets have an illness, which cannot be cured, it is considered the humane option for the animal to be put down via lethal injection. So why is this so

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