Euthanasia Should Not Be Legal

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What is euthanasia? Euthanasia is defined as the deliberate act of killing of a person who is suffering from a terminal disease, which therefore ends their pain and suffering. This practice is often known as a “mercy killing.” What makes voluntary euthanasia different from euthanasia? Voluntary euthanasia can be described as a “mercy killing” made at the request of the patient to end their life in a manner that minimizes further pain and discomfort.
While the practice remains controversial universally, it begs the question, should a terminally ill patient or a patient with a low quality of life due to chronic pain be allowed to die on their terms? I will show how a utilitarian would argue that the suffering endured by the
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But, the fact remains that euthanasia is still considered murder in most regions. Therefore, in this context, it seems that the utilitarian intent is overshadowed by the dark reality of death and criminal charges. There are limits to quantifying happiness or suffering to measure the quality of one’s life. If one ends their life, then there is no practical relevance because the dead do not feel happiness or suffering (Singer, 2003, p. 529). Jojo Moyes wrote the book Me Before You that was later turned into a film that tells the tale of the once vibrant, charismatic, and wild Will Traynor, whose zest for life was altered by a freak accident that left him an angry, emotionally barren quadriplegic determined to end his self-perceived meaningless, pain filled life. Desperate to save her son, Will’s mother hires Louisa Clark to be his caretaker. His mother’s hope is that Louisa can show will that his life is still worth living. When Louisa discovers that it is Will’s intention to go to Switzerland to end his life, she is determined to change his mind, despite the happy moments, Will cannot be dissuaded. With his parents and Louisa at his bedside, Will gazes out the window of the suite and peacefully dies (Moyes, 2012). The story is the perfect example of a made-for-Hollywood movie that inspires people to consider voluntary euthanasia as an alternative to palliative care. The book and film are well written and
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