Euthanasia . Your Elderly Grandmother Had Recently Contracted

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Your elderly grandmother had recently contracted a ruthless disease which rendered her terminally ill. She has now only have a few weeks left of life but she is considering the option of euthanasia as an ultimatum for the near future. She wishes to die with dignity but most of her family members don’t support her. Would you? Voluntary euthanasia has to be legalised because not only do humans have the right to live, they also have the right to die. There are numerous arguments as to why euthanasia is moral and needs to be law. Euthanasia, being a controversial subject of debate, seemingly meddles with human’s essential right to live but what anti-euthanasia enthusiasts fail to realise is that our life as humans suggests …show more content…

A difference in interest can potentially lead to a conflict between interests so it is our responsibility as humans to ensure the resolution of conflicts without the transgression of one’s essential human rights. Human rights are fundamental and are lawfully set as a main importance therefore the violation of one’s fundamental rights can be seriously penalised.
Not only does euthanasia protect self-hood, it also defends human dignity. Self-determination is a strongly important aspect that makes us human. It is the capacity to decide for ourselves and determine our fate as individual human beings. Imagine a life like your elderly grandmother; terminally ill, unable to think for yourself, move or even breathe. Your ability to perform basic tasks is rid of thus also removing your ability of self-determination. Without the existence of self-determination comes the disappearance of one’s self. Our own “self “is procured as we progress through life from our decisions and experiences; the existence of the said “self” is the foundation of our human dignity. If we go back to your grandmother and input the elements of unbearable pain to the point where they would rather be dead than suffer. If this persists, the said person will gradually lose their own “self” and ability to self-determine. They will forget themselves and the only vivid memory they will have is the constant excruciating pain they will be in. Screaming for pain would not

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