Evaluating Cataract Patient's Pre Op Education

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Evaluating Cataract Patient’s Pre-Op Education
A significant element in nursing is the need to convey information and educate the patient to facilitate achievement of an optimal health status. This teaching informs the patient and allows them to participate in their own care. Knowledge empowers the patient so they can incorporate it into their lives. Education directs the patient to resources, support and may enhance the patient’s coping skills. Information is a dynamic tool that, if utilized may contribute to better health outcomes.
Pre-operative education is an integral and necessary part of the surgery process. Nevertheless a certain percentage of the pre-surgery population arrives for surgery unprepared.
There are a variety of
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Examining the pre-operative education process at Group Health Cooperative will reveal how the current process works and the challenges the elderly patient confronts. The inquiry may help answer why some patients arrive unprepared for surgery. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the pre-operative education for cataract patients at Group Health Cooperative (GHC), to review the literature in order to understand any gaps, to identify strengths and weakness and develop recommendations for improvements in the current process.
There are three objectives for this project: 1.) Identify best practice by researching, reviewing, and summarizing current literature for educating the cataract population >65 years old prior to surgery. 2.) Determine current state of pre-operative education by assessing the present pre-op education process by surveying the medical and auxiliary staff, the existing Group Health (GHC) literature available for patients, touring the Group Health website on cataract surgery, and educational resources. 3.) Identify strengths and opportunities for improvements in the education process provided to the population >65 years old in preparing for cataract surgery at GHC and present recommendations and strengths to the PACU department at GHC.
Literature Review Illiteracy in the USA is widespread. 47% of the USA population lacks
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