Evaluating Credibility And Its Impact On The Society Of The United States Prison System

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When a person reads a source for information the reader wants that information to be reliable so they could trust the source meaning the reader needs their information source to be credible. Credibility is important because everyone on the planet could write on a topic, but that does not mean that what they wrote is true and should be believed in. People who write more often than not have an agenda. To make the reader feel a certain way or to make them believe in what the author told them too. Evaluating credibility means looking into the author and their agenda, the publisher to see where the information comes from, evidence of bias, uses of sources to support their information, verifiability to see if it still holds context, …show more content…

Objective Summaries & Source Credibility Analysis
The article “Rehabilitate or punish?” written by Etienne Benson on website of the American Psychological Association-provides insight on the topic of the concept of rehabilitating prisoners especially the mentally ill or to continue following the “get tough on crime” method. The article also factors in how psychology can better help even non-mentally ill prisoners to better be able to transition into citizen life without re-imprisonment than go hard core on the prisoners to prove a point. Rating the article while evaluating on a six-point scale. I gave the article a score of (). In the category of author, I give the article a five since he has a proficient writing experience, but not particularly in the field of psychology. He is a historian in the field of science, technology, and the environment (). For the publisher, I give the score of six because the source is an educational professional site in the field of psychology which is what the article is about. In the evidence of bias category, I give the article a three. The author has a strong preference to giving the prisoners the mental help they need instead of just punishing them. Going on to explain why he believes that people should help them, but not really going into the other side of the argument. For the use of sources, I give

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