Evaluating Globshop 's Management Of Outsourcing And The Future Challenges

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Critically analyse Globshop’s management of outsourcing and the future challenges. Will they be successful? Why or why not?


Digital Transformation of Business and Society
Case 3: Global Software Outsourcing
Brian Nicholson
30 April, 2015
1. Introduction
Globshop, a global travel-retail company chose to offshore a large portion of its ICT work to India, initially as an effort to centralize and standardise ICT infrastructure and business processes across separate countries but eventually as a strategy of cost reduction because they were faced with environmental shocks that impacted their business. It was a successful arrangement owing to the effort made in managing the relationship between the company and the partner handling major parts of their ICT infrastructure. In the long run Globshop must balance the cost/benefits gained by offshoring elements of its informatics provision against the long term need to control those provisions especially when considering the future of ICT developments.

1.0 Globshop’s Management of Outsourcing
2.1 Top Management Support
2.2 Outsourcing Successes
2.3 Outsourcing Challenges
2.4 Outsourcing Problems
2.5 Key Management Issues
2.0 The Future of Outsourcing for Globshop
4. Why Globshop may not be Successful

4.1 The Side Effects that may Negate the Future Benefits of Outsourcing to Globshop
Outsourcing Globshop’s IT functions because the economy had hit them hard and it appeared to make good sense but it had certain

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