Evaluation Of A Psychosocial Assessment By Doc Parole Officer Ward

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Ms. Smith is a 30 year old single, Caucasian female referred for a psychosocial assessment by DOC Parole Officer Ward. She reports she was released from prison 2 months ago after a 3 year sentence for attempted escape due to not notifying her probation officer of her address change. Ms. Smith states due to her past substance use history and trauma experience her referral sources ordered counseling to address complex issues related to her emotional and physical well-being. Ms. Smith reported she grew up in Colorado Springs and was primarily raised by her mother. She shared that her parents separated when she was an infant and has two brothers, one is incarcerated in Colorado for distribution of a controlled substance, and she is unaware the location of her second brother. She has 2 children: Isaiah, 8, and Angela, 4 years; Isaiah lives with his father in Washington and Angela resides with her maternal grandparents. Ms. Smith states she lost custody of her children due to her substance abuse issues and mental health complications. Ms. Smith reported that she is introverted, experiences severe social anxiety, and has no friends she can rely on for support. She has no interest in building new relationships due to severe trust issues with people. She would like to focus on rebuilding her life, establishing her own residence and build trust with her family. Ms. Smith reported severe sexual abuse by her biological father, between the ages 6-12. She attempted to advise her

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