Evaluation Of Factors That Influence Food Habits And Culture

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Evaluation of factors that influence food habits and culture Aya Harada San Francisco State University Abstract There are many reasons to why people eat what they choose to eat every day. These eating habits are formed naturally, allowing “food” to become a key element to separate one person from another. Many of these reasons are formed by daily habits, which could be influenced by a person’s environment, culture, education, economic standard, and/or race. These influences are what causes the habits to form and develop in a person. Keywords: Food Habits, Influence, Economic Standard, Environment, Education Evaluation of factors that influence food habits and culture Until a person fully develops and solidifies their taste buds and their eating habits, it involves many different process’ and factors. Foods are not usually not paid attention to. Many of us are not aware of what we eat everyday. We most likely do not pay attention to what ingredients are used, or how it is made, unless it is necessary. We choose to eat what we have been eating since we were born, or what we like to eat – which is the norm. The food habit that people develop to, is a method to illustrate one’s identity, like one’s cultural background. There are many reasons to why food habits are important; therefore, there is a necessity to look at the factors which influence people’s habits and culture. Multiple factors could influence one’s food habit and culture. For instance, age, race, gender, religion,
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