The Minnesota Model And Therapeutic Communities

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An Evaluation of The Minnesota Model

and Therapeutic Communities

Ryan Pinkerton

Upper Iowa University


There are many substance abuse treatments for addicts to choose from specializing in drugs, alcohol, and chemical dependencies. In this paper we will be evaluating the Minnesota Model of treatment and treatment through a Therapeutic Community. There will be specifications regarding each about their different approaches, methods, and results. Although both treatments have very positive success rates for addicts, they approach the cures to addiction in very different ways. In the Introduction section there will be a brief summary of each treatment method and what their specific goals are. In the Discussion section there will be specifics regarding what patients experience during their treatment, and how the treatments cure addiction.

The Minnesota Model The Minnesota Model is primarily an inpatient treatment program similar to the 12-step model of Alcoholics Anonymous. Teams of professional therapists create individualized treatment programs lasting around a month to treat chemical dependencies and promote lifelong abstinence from drugs that clients are dependent on. It can also be an outpatient treatment in the form of self-help groups, where recovering addicts meet multiple times a week to evaluate and discuss their issues with dependency or relapse.
Therapeutic Communities

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