Evaluation Of The Social Work Profession Essay

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The evaluation stage is an important aspect of the social work profession. Evaluation is important because it allows social workers to see how clients have achieved his or her goals in the intervention stage, thus it allows us to give our current or future clients’ feedback (Birkenmaier, Berg-Weger & Dewees, 2014). When working with individuals, families, groups, or communities, the evaluation stage will vary within each of these populations. When working with individuals, the worker would focus on helping the individual achieve his or her goal(s); evaluations are used as a sense of empowerment for both the client and the worker. (Birkenmaier et al, 2014). When working with the families, the worker is focused on the family as a whole (Birkenmaier et al, 2014). This is different than individuals because the worker is focused on the goals of the family, thus the worker is not evaluating each individual family member (Birkenmaier et al, 2014). When working with groups, features from both family and group evaluations are employed; workers focus on the individual goals of group members; however, they also focus on the goals of the group (Birkenmaier et al, 2014). Community evaluations are similar to groups, individuals, and families; however, it tends to focus on the collaborative efforts within in the community (Birkenmaier et al, 2014). This differs from the others because instead of focusing on individuals, families, and individuals and groups, the worker ensures that many

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