Evaluation of the Competitive Advantage That Can Be Gained by Companies through IS/IT Outsourcing

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Information technology is an essential part of business processes that need technical competence beyond the scope of current management. Third party to manage IT functions for the company. Outsourcing contract is part of the concept of a business process to a third party who has specific skills and services. It allows organizations to focus on their efficiency and manage resources efficiently. When considering the economics of the industry and emerging industries such as IT, business process outsourcing imposes huge market potential.
Competitive advantages are an advantage that a firm has over its competitors, allowing it to generate sales or margins larger or retain more customers than its competition. There are many competitive …show more content…

2.2 Increase productivity and efficiency
Outsourcing is very advantageous. In addition to reducing costs, it also helps firms and companies to improve the efficiency of business operations. The true line between business goals and deliverables in outsourcing. It also can increase productivity and efficiency. Outsourcing provider with expertise and experience can actually help streamline business processes and contribute to the line. Outsourcers can also benefit from third parties to improve the level of service consistently. This will improve the efficiency and can lead to customer satisfaction and lead the company better prepared for the challenges of specialized market.
2.3 More employees have skills and expertise
Outsourcing in information technology vendors looking to hire qualified and certified to perform certain core functions. No need to be an expert in a particular field in which it can rely on the expert services of an outside company. The company may not know what to do, if the firm hires someone to be on staff full time, but who may not have knowledge and experience in this field to do the job. Outsourcing IT work teams focused on problem solving and resolving network problems and errors. Rather than maintaining a small IT staff, outsourcing unit’s consistently larger staff to design and implement corporate solutions to solve everyday problems.
2.4 focus on core competencies.
Some companies are finding that in order to remain competitive in their

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