Events That Changed History Essay

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Events that Changed History Every day there is a new breakthrough in different fields that in a small way help society better as a whole. With so much advancements in the new century most have adapted to such events and don’t even notice them anymore, but that wasn’t always the case. Although many events can be said to have altered history, the Bubonic Plague, Discovery of the New World, French Revolution and World War 2 were the most influential events in history due to the radical changes forced upon society after the events. Around the 1200s European towns were very dirty and the people living there known to be not very hygienic. During such time, a system called Feudalism existed. Feudalism in short was a system used by the lords …show more content…

Some begin to question why God would turn his back on them, and there seemed to be a waning in the church’s power for a short time. With many of the priests themselves dying this opened some opportunities for women in the church. Overall the Black Death, in some way gave Europe a fresh start with the rediscovery of Ancient Greek and Roman literature and architecture, taking Europe to the renaissance. With the renaissance in full effect, it was also the Age of Discovery. New trade routes to India were being used by the Portuguese while the Ottomans controlled the land routes. Other European wanted a piece of that valuable trade but couldn’t find a way to get to the spice riches of India and China- that is until Columbus. With the backings of the Spanish monarchy, Columbus and his three ships decided to go on the journey west into the open sea to find a way to the East Indies and in a way, he succeeded. Columbus thought he had found a route to India but in reality, he had become the first European since the Vikings to set foot on the Americas and unlike the Vikings, Columbus and his crew were able to set a foothold in this new continent giving Spain a vast amount of ‘undiscovered’ land. This discovery led to a chain reaction with other Europeans trying to set their foothold on this new continent. With new source of raw materials like gold and wood (later tobacco and cotton) the European nations became very wealthy with Spain being the wealthiest of the

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