Every Generation Is Defined By Something. Baby Boomers

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Every generation is defined by something. Baby Boomers had a strong work ethic and were morally righteous. Generation X was defined by its skepticism, perhaps resulting from the failures of Enron and the televised challenger explosion. And then we have millennials, a group that is marked by its liberal views and desire for a sense of purpose in their lives. However, millennials are also considered to be infantilized and sensitive. Maybe it’s our concerning answer to whether all forms of speech should be legal. Perhaps it’s our calls for unquestionable inclusion and implicit bias seminars on college campuses that have left students and faculty feeling backed into a corner. At the end of the day, millennials, which include me, are being …show more content…

However, in Hebrew, the term is used to describe someone as thoughtless or rowdy. The case garnered national attention after the student refused to settle the case, taking the University of Pennsylvania to court. The black women were upset for good reason, considering the “big, angry black woman” stereotype, but is it fair to fault a student who was using an insult that has no racist root? Our calls for diversity and awareness of cultural, racial, and gender differences are well-intentioned but it has ignored the harsh reality that while diversity is a good thing, everyone’s ideology is going to be different. While our support of tolerance did not intend to limit speech, students worry about sharing dissenting ideas in a college classroom because they run the risk of offending another student who may feel compelled to report them.
I notice myself being careful to ensure my words aren’t minced and my ideas aren’t misconstrued. Last year when I was driving my neighbors to school when I said I didn’t like Obama’s reluctance to reform social programs, to which one girl shot back at me with “Do you hate women? And black people?” I immediately felt the need to qualify my own statement, reminding her that my father is visibly black and I am a woman. But now that memory stands out to me as an example of our unwillingness or perhaps even our inability to engage with those who have opposing

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