Everyman And Death Essay

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In The Everyman the subject is of death and when death will come. The reader follows Everyman from a state of sin and unpreparedness through repentance to a triumphant death, his salvation assured. In the story, Everyman has several lessons that we can learn from; death comes to everyone, death comes when you least expect it, and lastly be prepared for death. One of the three main points of the play was that death will come to everyone. The play notes that: “I am Death, that no man dreadeth. For everyman I rest and no man spareth,”. This line states that death will pass over no one. Eventually everyone will die and there is no one who exempt from it. In the play Everyman is scared of death since he is unready to go because he didn't have many good deeds. Everyman offers to bribe Death so he will wait for another day. Death declines the bribe and tells Everyman that he can not be bribe by anyone. He doesn’t passes over “pope, emperor, king, duke, ne princes”. Everyman learns the death will not pass over anyone. Another main point in the play is the death will come when you least expect it. Death comes when Everyman was least expecting it. He felt that he…show more content…
When Death suddenly comes to take him away and asks him to present an account of his life detailing the good and the bad he has done during his life, Everyman is awe-struck at this because he is not prepared for this moment. Everyman requests Death to wait till tomorrow so that he would ask for advice from others and would be better prepared for death. Death wouldn't listen to Everyman and is ready to strike him at the heart. It is Death's nature to come suddenly without announcing its arrival in advance. Death as a power is simply unfeeling and unyielding. It says that it will not consent and spare nobody and would not need any advice and pleas. Whether Everyman is prepared it doesn't care and asks Everyman to be ready
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