Salem In The Crucible

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Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible is set in Puritan Salem, where people are deeply religious. The Puritans believe God is the creator of all things and if the Bible does not explain their questions or doing, they are the devil’s work. Also during this time period, the Puritans closely watch their neighbors to see what they are doing. In the beginning of the story, the protagonist Abigail and a bunch of girls are performing witchcraft in the woods, which is against the Puritans’ laws. When Abigail’s Uncle Reverend Parris found out, he needs to protect his repetition, so he demands Abigail to cover for him and stop the rumor that has been spread across Salem about the girls committing non Puritan acts out in the woods. As a result, Abigail, …show more content…

Abigail then accuses Elizabeth to get her revenge and also getting rid of Elizabeth so Abigail can have the opportunity to be with John Proctor. Mr. and Mrs. Putnam’s daughter Ruth was one of the girls who were in the woods, the reason Ruth was in the forest because her parents wanted to conjure up their dead babies to find out who murdered them. Also Mr. and Mrs. Putnam heard the rumor of witchcraft that is being spreading around. They realize this is the perfect moment for them to get vengeance for the death of the babies which was delivered by Rebecca Nurse. Rebecca Nurse is a well respected and religious townsperson who contributed a lot to Salem and to God. People could not believe she could still be charge of witchcraft, not even Rebecca’s husband Francis, and Francis Nurse says to Hale “For murder, she’s charged! For the marvelous and supernatural murder of Goody Putnam’s babies” (71). When Francis Nurse says this, Revered Hale, the minister who knows Rebecca Nurse from a couple towns away, cannot believe she could be accuse; however, he has faith Rebecca is going to be fine to comfort Francis Nurse. Mr. and Mrs. Putnam wheels the power of accuse anyone who stand in their way of murdering their babies and putting hysteria into the people in the town of Salem. Mary Warren, the girl who saw Abigail and the girls perform witchcraft and willing to present the

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