Evidence Based Forensic Investigation

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It was 1990 in Goldsboro, North Carolina where the killer recognized as the “Night Stalker” roamed the neighbourhoods, viciously attacking and murdering several elderly women. One of who had been assaulted in March through a violent rape and almost murdered if it wasn’t for her daughter’s early arrival. Authorities had then found materials in the house that were mistakenly left behind by the perpetrator, which had the intention to be used to burn down the residence and victim in an attempt to conceal any possible chance of identification of the suspect. Three months later, the same crime had been committed along with the following death of her husband. This house was then engulfed in flames by the perpetrator in attempt to cover the crime, however fire/rescue personnel managed to swiftly haul the bodies out from the house to test for any possible biological evidence. By comparing the vaginal swabs from both the criminal offences, it …show more content…

CODIS can aid investigations by comparing a DNA profile generated from evidence found at a crime scene against convicted offender DNA profiles. With this development in DNA, it can significantly benefit investigations as it includes several discrete categories of profiles such as unsolved crime samples, arrested individuals, convicted persons, unidentified remains and so on. By comparing DNA found at crime scenes to this database it can provide forensic scientists with a possible suspect. By May 2016 CODIS had contained roughly fifteen million known person profiles and seven hundred thousand forensic profiles. This special software also enables crime laboratories for electronic DNA profile comparisons for state, local and national law enforcement. When properly documented, collected and stored biological evidence left at a crime scene can be analysed to produce a reliable DNA profile after years its

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