Evolution : A Forced Or Natural Process

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Evolution: A Forced or Natural Process
It all started with a bang, the creation of the universe begun with the expansion of one tiny-dense point. As time begun to pass planets began to form, one planet was able to evolve to the point where it was able to sustain life, human life in particular. Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago, this planet was the perfect distance from the sun, and in result Earth was the base for life. In the beginning stages of Earth life spawned from non-living organic compounds in a process called Abiogenesis . The first form of life on earth dates back to the Eoarchean Era, this is when microbial mat fossils formed. These fossils date back 3.89 billion years. The first form of human life dates back to 3.2 million years ago, this is when Lucy’s (An Australopithecus afarensis , who was able to walk up-right) bones were discovered. From that point humans continued to evolve into the creatures they are today. Evolution is a slow process that can take from millions to billions of years. Today we live in an age where everyone wants something, and if they want it, they want it now. Human life expectancy is about 80 to 90 years of life that of which is not enough time to wait for the next human evolution. Plus most evolutions happen over a course of time and are most likely to appear in the offspring. That is when of a group of evolutionist begun to get together to brainstorm on ways to genetically modify the genetics of the humans DNA to grow wings. In

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