Evolution And Evolution Of Evolution

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What is Evolution?

Evolution is the modification of characteristics of living organisms over generations (, 2015); it is the gradual process of development by which the present diversity of living organisms arose from the earliest forms of life, which is believed to have been ongoing for at least the past 3000 million years (Hine, 2004). Common ancestry are groups of living organisms that share the most recent common ancestor, by which scientific evidence proves that all life on Earth are descendants from the previous universal ancestor (, 2015). Additionally, opposing theories against Evolution, primarily the Christianity religion, explain that God is the ‘creator’ and is the source of all existence.
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1755-1829) is one of the best-known early evolutionists, holding a belief that evolution was a continuous development and strived toward greater complexity and perfection. Through which, his theory of evolution was that living organisms evolved in a unceasingly up ward direction, from dead matter, through simple to more complex forms and towards human “perfection” (, 2015). From his theories of Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics; where organisms adapt to their environments and those changes were passed onto their off springs (Corbis, 2001), to his theories of Use and Disuse, where organisms that are not used progressively disappear (, 2015). Lamarck was the first biologist to publish

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