Evolution And Its Effect On Human Evolution

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Whenever people watch the movie X-Men, they come out imagining themselves mutated into laser-shooting Cyclops, or wild killing-machine Wolverine. However, that kind of mutation isn 't the type of mutation that occurs in this realistic society. A mutation that people have are detrimental and rarely beneficial. The quote by Professor Xavier, "Mutation. It is the key to our evolution" is very much correct. Beneficial mutation can be a next step of human evolution as people get more adapted to their environment, greatly increasing their chance of successfully reproducing. Evolution is the process of the characteristics of an organism changing over a long period of time. There are two types of evolution: micro, where gene frequencies are shifted within the population, and macro, where a whole new species arises. Evolution occur through natural selection, mutation, gene flow, and genetic drift. Natural selection is the process in which organisms survive and reproduce by adapting to the environment. Through this process, each generation become better adapted to the environment, which enables the organism to reproduce more offspring than others. Natural selection occurs through mutation. Mutation is a change of sequence of bases in DNA and RNA. However, mutation isn 't as simple as A, B, and C. It happens through a complex process of sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction started since the primeval time as our defense to protect ourselves from infertility. As external
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