Evolution : Fact And Theory

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Evolution What is evolution? Is it a theory or is it based on facts? Many people think that it is both a fact and a theory. We all seek to find an explanation for life as we know it. We all want to understand how it all began. Creationist believes that the world was created in six days by a supreme being referred to as God. Many scientists report that there is plenty of evidence to prove that all living things have evolved, and reference examples such as evidence from fossils that indicates similarities to ancient creatures, and evidence from genetics to prove all living things share the same basic heredity by using DNA to prove that genes are passed from the parent to their offspring. According to Richard E. Lenski, author of Evolution: Fact and Theory, “Evolution is an incontrovertible fact that organisms have changed, or evolved, during the history of life on Earth” (Lenski, p. 1). There are four major patterns that manifest in nature. These patterns are genetic variation which means that no two individuals have the same DNA; adaptations which are what makes a species so well adapted to its environment; divergence meaning the species are grouped into families; and fossil species which is the mineralized impressions of once living organisms. There have been many changes since the first life forms were documented. The changes occur from mutation when the DNA is not copied perfectly and it leads to a difference between the parent and their offspring. “Biological

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