Evolution Of Gesture And Vocal Communication

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Evolution of Gesture and Vocal Communication in Primates
Apes are the model organisms in the field of animal communication and neuro-scientific studies. Apes DNA is about 98.6% similar to humans possessing cognitive, emotional and psychological characteristic which closely resemble humans. Not long ago scientists started studying primates because of these characteristics and most of the work is in the field of cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. Phylogenetically, primates and human fall under the same branch called Hominidae and non-human (primates) are human’s closest living relatives. Primate’s method of communication is mainly through gestures and their own language. Similarities and differences between human and primate vocalizations can be studied for comparative research and holds a great prospective to elucidate the evolutionary processes that formed human language and speech. Humans and primate, both communicate through a language which is unique to them and vocal behavior and gestures are an important trait that both the species possess. Primates also utilize this ability of vocal communication and gestures in their social environment, be it to alert their own species or to attack another species. Hence this property of communication have become an integrated part of their cognitive and neuro-ecology. Therefore, I hypothesize, that primates utilize vocal communication, call combinations, vocal learning and gestures to communicate and signal others

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