Evolution Of Wrestling Research Paper

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Topic: Wrestling is sixth most popular sport in high school based off of participation, there are 269,514 high schoolers that compete in wrestling. Not only do high schoolers participate in wrestling but so do adults. There are many reasons why people love to wrestle including the physical aspect and the mental challenge. It is not clear when or where wrestling first originated, but it is believed the sport of wrestling evolved from hand to hand combat in the mesopotamian days. From then many different types of wrestling have formed including Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling and many others. The reason there are so many different types of wrestling is because of how many people love the sport. People love this sport for countless different …show more content…

I was first introduced to the actual sport of wrestling when I was in Wisconsin last year. Every year my family and I go to Wisconsin to visit family and friends. One of my cousins Cameron and I started wrestling, he was impressed that I was able to beat him because he had been wrestling for more than nine years and I had never wrestled before. During this school year I was apart of the legacy marching band. That program took up a lot of my time (14 hours a week), now after the marching season was completed I didn't know what to do with all that extra time. I decided to look into doing a winter sport, wrestling was the sport that stood out most to me. Another reason I wanted to be apart of the wrestling team is because my dad wrestled for his high school when he was my age and he said he loved it. Now after being apart of the wrestling team for almost a month now I have learned that I love it too. Because I have developed a love for wrestling I decided I wanted to research more about many different aspects of this amazing …show more content…

Two of the most common skin infections are staph infection and ringworm. Skin infections account for about 14.4% of all adverse events during wrestling. Staph infection can result in boils, painful rashes, sores, and blisters. Staph infection can sometimes result in sepsis, this infection is caused when the staph infection invades your bloodstream, sepsis can lead to sepsis shock which is a life threatening episode with low blood pressure. Ringworm results in a patch of itchy and infected skin with a red ring around the outside, inside the ring may be clear, scaly or marked with a scattering of red bumps. Ringworm is transmitted usually through skin to skin contact with someone with the infection, but it can also be transmitted through animal to human, object to human, and in rare cases soil to human contact. Skin infections are a major concern in the wrestling community, as of right now though there are no rules or regulations that force wrestling officials or coaches to wash the wrestling mats which can carry many skin infections including staph and ringworm. If there was a rule or regulation that forced wrestling officials to wash wrestling mats before and after practices and matches the number of skin infections would decrease. When the mats are washed they should not be washed just with soap and water but with a distinct solution that is antibacterial and that included certain ingredients

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