Evolution Scientific Theory

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What is a theory in science?
A scientific theory is an explanation of an aspect of the world, based on facts that have been frequently confirmed through observation and experiment or is often just speculations. Is evolution just a theory? Evolution is considered a valid scientific theory as it cannot be expressed in a concise mathematical equation so it is referred to as a theory, which does not make it more accurate than a law. Natural selection, comparative embryology, comparative anatomy, DNA and scientific contributions all support the theory of evolution.
Natural selection
Natural selection is a process in nature by which organisms are better adapted to their environment tend survive and reproduce more likely than those who are not fit for their environment. For example, peppered moth used to be a light colour with black spots but when the …show more content…

For example, embryos of many animals, from fish to humans each show similarities, which suggest a common ancestor. In humans, it is obvious that embryos begin to develop what would have formed into gills that our ancestors had. Embryos also develop a tail, which by the time they are born it is gone which shows that ancestors were born with tails but we have evolved to no longer be born with a tail. Comparative embryology also shows that many different life forms experience similar stages of development, which points to common origins. Comparative anatomy is the study of similarities and differences in the anatomy of different species. It is closely related to evolutionary biology and phylogeny (evolution of species). Comparative anatomy has served evidence for evolution, which indicates various organisms share a common ancestor. Comparative anatomy is the first line of reasoning in determining the connection of

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