Evolution - Towards Enlightenment Essay

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Evolution - Towards Enlightenment

Stubborn people are hard to deal with. Even after evidence is presented, they stand steadfast with the "facts" they want to believe. No one is immune to this trait, no person always willing to admit they are wrong. In 1859, Charles Darwin published The Origin of the Species (Leakey 1). His theories had little scientific evidence to support his ideas; the book was only about what he theorized. The people became infuriated. The possibility of humans "evolving" from any animal was unheard of, especially if they cam from monkeys. People took sides, the majority holding to Creation, the idea that some divine power had made this world and all of the creatures on it. Still today, the sides …show more content…

The original organisms would not change to survive in their new environment. Whichever offspring were more fitted for new environment would survive, changing the population and evolving. This is where many people confuse evolution with the natural selection, one division of the entire evolution theory. Regardless, as the environment changes, an organism must be able to adapt, which in some cases means becoming more complex. As more organisms appear, competition occurs and they are forced to fight for resources or migrate. This brief analysis of evolution is found after hours of researching an article from the internet by Chris Colby that was published in 1996. His article sums evolution into three basic levels. Genes, the hereditary unit that carries DNA, mutate. Individuals carrying those genes survive or are selected. Populations of individuals evolve. There are also to divisions of evolution, micro- and macroevolution. Some scientists believe that macro- is the cumulative of micro-; others believe that macro- is something entirely different.

According to Darwin's initial theories and further genetic and anthropological research, the evolution of life would have proceeded through microevolution. Still, creationists believe that because there is little fossil evidence and or "concrete" evidence evolution mat be heresy. According to Robert T. Weaver and Shirley Norris, Dr. Kent Hovind, a minister, wants to "Unmask the False

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