Examination Is An Activity To Obtain Information, Clarification

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Examination is an activity to obtain information, clarification and identity from the defendant, the witness, the expert on evidence and other criminal elements that occurred, so the position or role of the individual or evidence in the related case will become clear and stated in Minutes of Investigation (BAP).
4.5 Examiner is the officer who has the authority to conduct examination, either as investigator or supporting investigator in the company.
4.6 Interrogation is one of examination techniques to investigate the defendant /suspect and witness in a criminal act or abuse/harassment by asking questions either verbally or in writing to the defendant/suspect and the witness to obtain information, other clues and the truth about the …show more content…

4.13 Terms of Examination
4.13.1. The Base of Complaint Reports from employee to P2KP team.
4.13.2. Examiner
a) Has the authority to call, check and create Minute of Investigation.
b) Has sufficient knowledge and proficiency in carrying out technical investigations
c) Posses the following personalities:
(1) Confident
(2) Able to deal with other people/adaptive (easily adjust with the situation)
(3) Tenacious.
(4) Polite, patient and able to control his/her emotion
(5) Has the ability to assess accurately and to act quickly and objectively.
(6) Diligent, persistent and able to develop initiative
d) Able to prepare examination plan and to draft questions according to material of the case that is being handled.
e) The investigator shall prepare the examination room and all necessary equipment for the examination.
f) If on the same day the investigator/supporting investigator examine more than one person, they shall be able to organize the time schedule so the examinee would not be waiting. To anticipate if the first summoning does not come in accordance with the schedule set in the summoning letter, the investigator/supporting investigators should prepare additional investigator/supporting investigators to assist with the second summoning.
4.13.3. The Examinee
a) The suspect, witness/expert, shall be physically and mentally healthy.
b) The suspect, witness/expert, shall not fear

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