Examining Ethnic and Gender Influences

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Examining Ethnic and Gender Influences I will now examine how gender and ethnic contributed to our crisis event. In addition, I can conclude that ethnicity and gender roles had a great impact on my family. Gender roles not only divide individuals into two dominant categories but grants roles that are taught to be manageable. Both gender are provide guidelines that must be followed. In regards to ethnicity my Hispanic extended family was very helpful during the crisis. They were always checking on us to see if we were doing fine. Hispanic families tend to be cohesive. They usually unified even more when a family member is facing an issue. Another example of how my Hispanic heritage contribute to the crisis is the support my extended family offers. Hispanics families are very supported we put family first. In my case my aunts once in in a while they would come bring food because they knew that my sister and I were to busy with schoolwork and therefore it was taught for us to balance school with the duties around the house. This non-normative crisis event was obviously impacted by the fact that everyone’s roles within the family were cleared. For example, my mother was in charge of the household. She cleaned, cooked and washed. She was also in charge of planning family days. My dad was the breadwinner of the household. So basically took care of the family’s financial stability. The tasks of my siblings and I were simply to attend school and make good

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