Examining the Skills and Traits of Mental Health Service Workers

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The complexities of the 21st century have placed new and challenging problems on the mental health of communities and society in general. Physical illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and obesity have drained medical resources everywhere much at the expense of mental health workers. Examining the characteristics of mental health care workers becomes very valuable and informative in approaching this problem. The purpose of this essay is to examine the skills and traits of a mental health service worker in order to better understand what is required to help combat mental illness and the many associated problems that accompany this state of disease.
There appears to be a high demand for this type of worker. Wang(2005) suggested that "Most people with mental disorders in the United States remain either untreated or poorly treated. Interventions are needed to enhance treatment initiation and quality." The number of individuals diagnosed with mental illnesses each year has been on the rise since the 1970's. Although the reason for this is ultimately unclear, many experts agree that we have something of an epidemic regarding mental illnesses. Because mental illness diagnoses are on the rise, the need for mental health professionals, is also on the rise. Mental health professionals, such as mental health social workers, help ensure that mentally ill individuals get the care that they need, as well as help make sure their needs are met. These actions are
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