Example Of A Sociopath Essay

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On May 6, 2013 a 911 operator in Cleveland, Ohio received a call that shocked the nation. The call was from Amanda Berry who had been kidnapped ten years ago saying that she was here and she was free. For years Berry and two other missing women had been held captive by Ariel Castro in his home, which was later described as the "Cleveland House of Horrors”.

On this day, Castro made the simple mistake of failing to properly secure the front door and only secured the exterior screen door. Berry’s daughter Jocelyn made the observation that “Daddy’s car was gone” and while at first hesitant Amanda Berry took the opportunity to open the door and scream for help as she realized this may be her only chance. Neighbors Angel Cordero and Charles Ramsey …show more content…

The current accepted definition of a Sociopath is “a personality disordered person that exhibits patterned behavior similar Antisocial Personality Disorder, often criminal or deviant, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. The Sociopath also exhibits amoral behavior, fails to learn from his/her experiences, lacks the ability to establish meaningful personal relationships, extremely egocentric and narcissistic and frequently engages in fantasizing about wanting to victimize, torture and enslave a targeted victim(s).”Castro was a sociopath, he was driven by needs for absolute power, domination and control. Whether Ariel Castro’s prison cell suicide was out of loss or fear, this still ties in with the sociopath’s fixation for control. It is likely that assuming his intense fixation and need to dominate and control so strong he saw life was no longer worth living as he came to the horrific realization that his worst fear had come to life. Men like these cannot be treated, it is who they are it is their very being. There is no viable excuse for acts like these in ny court of law and they present a high risk to any

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