Narcissists Essay

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Narcissists are the namesakes of the legendary Greek boy that fell in love with his reflection in a fountain. Narcissus was so enamored with the face in the fountain that he confessed his feelings of love. The boy waited for a response that never came. Narcissus stayed by the fountain unable to eat or drink, eventually dying.
The myth of Narcissus is a good illustration of the damage that total self-love can do to a person. There is a misconception about narcissistic people. This confusion is the belief that narcissistic people are in love with themselves, but according to the DSM-III criteria published in 1989, the narcissus is not in love with HIMSELF, but is in fact in love with his …show more content…

I mentioned in the first paragraph that self-love could be healthy for the mind and it helps to bridge a connection between the body, mind and soul. The problem is not in the way people take care of the body, but the amount of time spent on creating perfection.

These people are narcissistic; the image in their head is trying to come to life. The body reflected in the mirror is nothing more than a mold that they sculpt to match the image in their mind. The few bodybuilders I have spoken with explain the frustration that working out continually brings. It is a race against time and the sense of urgency never leaves. The way they feel as a person is connected to the appearance of their bodies. The hours at the gym are not spent with idle chitchat with others, but on time-consuming analysis of their weak points. They seem to always look in the mirror with admiration, but it is with a critical eye that they see. To the outsider this all may seem like an exercise of vanity, but for many people in the situation above, it is an exercise in survival. They just as soon die than not work on themselves.

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