Example Of A True Hero

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“So there you go heroes are everyday, common people. Most of what they do goes unheralded, unappreciated. And that, ironically, is heroism, not to be recognized.” Although A hero is someone who goes out there way to help someone. Even if it's a little thing like helping a old lady cross the street. A hero goes out his or her way to do the right thing. A hero is someone who does something not for attention or money just because there kindness. A True hero is being courageous, fearless and not giving up. True heroes don't give up. Heros is not giving up after the first try or even the fifth try, a hero goes on until he and she finished then goal. A hero is someone who does not stop fighting for what they believe in. Take Michael Jordan for example he got cut from his high school team but he didn't give up look at him now one of the best basketball players to ever play. And a hero isn't someone who backs down the first time and give up. For example, In Ellen DeGeneres clip, Marvin Pearson a 16 year old kid who his blind and deaf but that doesn’t stop him from playing football. In the show, Marvin states, “ Time to prove the world that people with disabilities can do anything” ( Ellen DeGeneres). This proves that Marvin didn’t let his disabilities stop him from what he loves doing. Although if heroes are scared they don't back down from a fight they put the scariness behind them and do what they gotta do to be brave and do what they believe in. Take Jackie Robinson for

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