The Importance Of A Hero And Frederick Douglass

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Embedded Assessment 1.1 “A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer,” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). A hero is just like an ordinary person, but they make a choice to rescue someone, and put their life on the line. For instance, a hero is valiant when they need to be, sacrifices themself for another, and they don't put another in harm’s way.
A heroic person is undaunted by fearsome situations and uses courage when it is needed. When a hero sees someone in danger, they aren't quite a hero yet. They are just a regular person that springs into action to save someone. At the Primrose Daycare, a car crashed into a fence, almost running over some children. A teacher that was nearby “tried to shield the kids, [and] she got the brunt of it,” (NBCDFW, Injured in Crash at Frisco Daycare). This woman is a prime example of courage and her quick actions saved them all. Similarly, Frederick Douglass displayed this amount of courage as well. Frederick Douglass was a slave that had to be brave and escape himself and others from the wrath of slavery. This is what the people saved by Douglass think about him, “When it is finally ours, this freedom, this liberty, this beautiful and terrible thing...this man, this Douglass, this former slave, this Negro beaten to his knees, exiled, visioning a world where not is lonely, none hunted, alien, this man shall be remembered,” (Hayden 81). Frederick had to be strong and stealthy to make the journey to the North. Both of
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