Example Of Alcoholics Anonymous

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Alcoholics Anonymous The name of the meeting was Grove City Wave Three Group, and it was located at the United Methodist Church on 2710 Columbus Street in Grove City. The meeting took place on Sunday at 7:30 pm and is held almost every Sunday. The reason I had choose this location for the meeting was because it was near my home. When I first entered the room I was expecting the stereotypical meeting, which is shown in movies where there is a circle of chairs in a room with no tables. But once I entered the room, there were plenty of seats and it did not appear to be dark and gloomy. The room was located in the basement of the church, and had the seats set were the participants are able to see one another. I was anxious of how other members would react to my presence, considering I was in a church. I was greeted when I entered the room. My anxiety slowly went away, when I realized that these are people really dealing with a difficult issue in their lives. It reminded me of how vulnerable it can be to be around others and admit to a weakness within you, to get better. It takes a lot of courage to go to a meeting, and want to change. The members of the meeting varied in all ages and ethnicities. There were young people as well as older people. When I was in the meeting I was asked to introduce myself. I explained that I was a student and was interested in learning. The participants were very understanding and did not mind at all. But it felt very awkward for me, because I did not want to impose. One participant explained to me that there have been other students that have attended meetings in the past. There was also another new member that came to the meeting as well. He introduced himself, and explained his reason for coming. The others members commended him for coming and congratulated him for attending and trying. The meeting was not anonymous because the members had identified their first names. The meeting did not have any one leader, but everyone in the meeting participated. There were a few participants that had roles such as secretary, and other positions. The meeting began with an introduction, reading pledges. The focus of the meeting was centered on reading the book Twelve Steps and Twelve
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