Example Of An Aganist Report

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REPORTER: The reporter/Counselor (Marilyn) called with concerns for the victim, Jerrik. The reporter said the victim came to school late today (8/28/2015), but he was fine. According to Marilyn, the victim was messing with his arms and the teacher (Tabitha) asked the child “what was wrong”, and the victim had bruises on both of his upper arms. The bruises “looked like finger prints” (were not dark marks). After the victim showed the teacher his arms, he then said “look” and “pulled up his shirt, “there were two big bandages covering up the burn marks” in the middle of his back. The teacher asked the victim what happen and he said “I got my butt whooped”. At 11:24am on 8/28/2015, the reporter was called back, and she said the child stated that

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