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Cynefin is a term from the Welsh language that refers to habitats that fail to deliver or provides justice (Kurtz & Snowden, 2003, p. 467). The term was devised in 1999 by David Snowden. The framework aids individuals and communities in various disciplines realize that events are not the same and the fact that various events need various answers for achieving the intended final goals (Kurtz & Snowden, 2003, p. 467).
The Cynefin structure is aimed at individuals, leaders and communities in various organisations to better their decision making by providing them with an intelligence of a location as to how they perceive unforeseen circumstance that will affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation (Kurtz & Snowden, 2003, p. 467).
2. Information on the Cynefin framework (brief background information)

The cynefin framework is considered as a method to utilize when looking at the nature of an …show more content…

The solution to the problem at hand is only applicable once is identified and understood, although the final solution is identified mistakes in this phase are obvious and easily detected and are not obvious from the beginning. The uses of time management in analysis cannot aid detect or predict risks and solutions for specific problems (Snowden & Boone, 2007, p. 5).
The knowledge is collected through experiment and development. The knowledge is then used to evaluate and execute a problem. Knowledge gathering is considered crucial and necessary as it identifies the next step to be taken hence more knowledge is always needed for the next phase in problem solving (Snowden & Boone, 2007, p. 5). The stock markets, new product development organizations and investors or innovators qualify as the systems that are truly complex as these systems are regarded as learning organizations (Dettmer, 2011, p.

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