Example Of Communism In 1984

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History has shown that communism is not an effective way to rule society. This is apparent in the novel 1984 and with the reign of the Nazi era. In the book 1984, the protagonist Winston Smith is a average person living in Oceania, Airstrip One, England. Winston wants a better life, he wants a life of freedom and tries to fight against Big Brother and the corruption of the society it has built. Like Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s, The Party wants supreme government with full power over people and will manipulate its people beliefs by dividing the social classes, using propaganda, and terror to force people to conform.

Social classes are always a societal struggle in one's nation, but a general rule is the higher you are in society the more control and power you possess. In the Nazi era, the Nazi party had the best houses, jobs preferential treatment so life was good. The ordinary life was good if you did not mind giving up some personal freedoms like free speech and censorship of literature, music, and other things. Hitler tried to unite people by creating a racially pure and classless society, and create a common enemy to blame for Germany’s downfall “In a state of ubiquitous anxiety, the once disjointed Germany unified under a government that provides comfort and security, a new state that would take control and help Germany become a rising hegemonic power. This newfound nationalism was built around a common enemy: the Jewish people” (Gostlaw 1) Hitler used the

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