Example Of Cultural Competence

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Cultural Competence As today’s society grows more diverse, the need for cultural competence becomes increasingly necessary within the criminal justice system, a field where civility and the ability to be unbiased is required. As a result, there is a deepening need for understanding the value of diversity and utilizing intercultural communication skills. By developing a cultural competence assessment tool that can improve interactions with people of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, individuals who work in the criminal justice field can successfully achieve cultural competence by thoroughly understanding the tool’s importance and applying it effectively.
An Explanation of Cultural Competence Cultural competence is the ability to acknowledge, understand, respect and communicate with cultures and ethnicities different from one’s own. It encourages the acceptance of individual’s differences in appearance, behavior, and culture which offers positive changes in the way people interact with others. Furthermore, it offers an awareness and sensitivity to diverse cultures that often goes unrecognized (Hanser & Gomila, 2016). By fully understanding how to effectively interact with people from diverse cultures, the individual maximizes their ability to interact, not only in professional settings with staff and clients but in our growing society as a whole. Also, being culturally competent is beneficial because while it improves interactions between people of

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