Example Of Ghandi Personal Statement

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Life is not fair, nor will it ever be fair. In order to make a difference you must “be the change you wish to see in the world” as Ghandi put it. You must be aggressive with you actions and desires in order to alter the distaste that surrounds you. The only way to inflict change is through great effort and determination, a trait that was instilled in me at an early age. My senior year of high school marked the eighth school I attended. My parents were never together and my mother moved to New Orleans when I a three, leaving behind all family, friends, and familiarity. Kansas was boring and she yearned for a change. Raising a toddler in an unfamiliar state all alone was admiral, I never had to want for anything; my mother took care of me. After hurricane Karina and two years post Katrina, money fell short and life got difficult, rather than let me suffer for what she couldn’t provide, she sent me to live with my father in Texas. Hurt to be away from my mother, I also admired her determination to ensure I was provided for and educated. Transferring to a college preparatory school in Texas, from a state named last in the rank of public school systems was difficult, but I refused to be sought as incompetent. I embodied that spunk of determination my …show more content…

As the public relations chair, I was one of several “faces” of the organization. . I delegated tasks through my committee members, helped rewrite bylaws in the constitution regarding my position along with membership requirements, and served as the main spokesperson for the organization. Together we connected with other organizations, explained the mission and services of the organization to prospective members, and promoted the organization though social medial and merchandise; BWLA was pleased with our promotional and networking contributions, as I got my first real taste of

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